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Urban Nerds VS Bigger Than Barry | Carnival 2010 Mix from Supra1!

Heavyweight Polish production duo Supra1 have put together their ultimate party mix ahead of the set at Urban Nerds VS Bigger Than Barry. Signed to NYC’s finest underground label Trouble & Bass, this is a taste of Supra 1′s deep, dirty style that combines elements of UK funky, dubstep, NY house and UK garage blends, with epic melodies guaranteed to get you skanking!

Catch Supra1 at Urban Nerds VS Bigger Than Barry – the ultimate Notting Hill Carnival warm up party, on Saturday 28th August!


In honor of their imminent landing at Urban Nerds, we caught up with Supra1 for the lowdown on Poland’s finest bass mongers…

First off, why ‘Supra1′? Is there any connection to Supra trainers?

Nah, the name has nothing to do with trainers. It doesn’t have any real meaning to be honest, it’s purely abstract, we liked how the words ‘supra’ and ’1′ sounded together.

You both hail from Poland, what music did you grow up with?

We’ve been actually listening to a significant number of polish artists throughout the years – as we both come from musical families we’ve been exposed to the works of Tomasz Stanko, Krzysztof Komeda, Novi Singers, the list goes on. But not  only, cause it was all really mixed up in the teenage years though. Everything from Wu Tang to The Clash, literally. Right know – as far as polish music is concerned – we’re both still hooked on polish jazz as well as fairly new techno / house producers like Jacek Sienkiewicz or Catz n Dogz, to name a few.

Read the rest of the interview after the jump…

Are the Polish hungry for bass?

Well there’s definitely a scene that polish producers, promoters and party-goers been pushing forward since quite a while and it’s in a pretty good shape right now. Just check out the  line up four the Unsound festival that will  take place this Autumn in our home town. Big things for sure.

How did the Trouble & Bass journey come about?

In 2008 T&B announced the release of Little Jinder’s debut single “Polyhedron” and held a remix contest to back up the release. We gave it a shot and were fortunate enough to win.

In a couple of weeks after the tune came out our remix got played by people from Bok Bok & L-Vis to Diplo and Basement Jaxx. Shortly after another release (Blackfinger remix) we flew to Paris to meet with Luca (Drop The Lime) and Patrick (The Captain) in person, joined their crew shortly after. It’s a very artist-friendly label, has a pretty family vibe to it, which is great. We’ve just released our debut EP a couple of months ago and have another one lined up for late winter later this year.

Has Trouble & Bass changed your lives at all?

Yes, definitely. Working with them made us think of actually pursuing music as a career. T&B as a label has a great following all over the world, we’d never play in places like Beijing or Hong Kong if not them, not to mention the US tour we did last year. We’ll probably come back to do more gigs in the US / Canada later this year.
Which producers do you aspire to?

We both share a great love for dance music with brains and soul, be it garage from London, techno from Berlin or house from Chicago. We take influences off everything we’re listening to at home and hearing in clubs – what you could say is that we’re trying to make dance music we can relate to ourselves, reflecting all different moods and emotions not overcomplicating it too much – keeping it kind of simple and complex at the same time. ‘Ghoster’ is a good example. The initial project of the tune was called ‘Ghost Writer’, after Polanski’s last thriller – a very dramatic yet audience-friendly film. We’ve taken that cold, dramatic vibe and translated it to the language of club music and that’s how the tune came about. We feel a strong attachment to the initial idea and emotions behind them but can as well see people on festivals flipping out when the main synths kick in. That’s what we’re trying to do, mix the dancefloor potential with brains and soul.
Have you been to Notting Hill Carnival before?

Not yet, really looking forward to it…

Tell us about the mix you’ve put together and why someone would be dumb not to download it and crank it up?!

The mix reflects a certain vibe we’re trying to create playing records lately. It’s rather dark and moody but has its emotional moments too. Highlights of the mix for us must be Evening Glow by SBTRKT & Sampha and Untold’s refix of an old Eastwood’s grime standard U Ain’t Ready.

What big tunes have you got lined up for Nerds at the end of the month?

Don’t know yet to be honest! We never prepare our sets beforehand but we can tell you we’ve been mixing a lot of house & techno recently so you could probably be expecting some of that. Plus unheard original productions. A mix of styles, that’s for sure.
Are you lot Urban Nerds?

I beg your pardon? LOL
Any last words?

Thanks for having us playing your night, shout out to all our friends & family.

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